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Here at the Arkansas Mini Storage, we understand how important is it that you get the most for your money. We love getting to serve the Ozark, Russellville and Clarksville, Arkansas area. However, these tips can help anyone and everyone! Sometimes getting the biggest storage unit we offer is not the best for you. Moreover, we want to give you some tips on how to get the maximum space out of your smaller storage unit. These spaces can be great for several different items to store throughout the year. One tips not matter what you are packing is to always use sturdy packing boxes. This can end up saving you in the long run. Lastly, we want to give you some advice on what and how to store in a small storage space.

  • Holiday Decorations

You will not need your Christmas lights or Thanksgiving turkeys out all year. However, they can become a hassle to keep up with and be in the way of other things. Storing these holiday decorations are a great way to not lose them and keep them safe for the year.

  • Seasonal Decorations

Do you still have your autumn decorations out in July? Are you still looking for a place to put all f the summer things your found at Hallmark? We have the space you are in need of. Furthermore, this can be great for you to be able to de-clutter and style more year round.

  • Small Appliances

Sometimes we get appliances for one use and then it only sees the outside of the cupboard once or twice a year. If you know you will not use whatever it may be that often, you can store it with us along with other items you are not needing every day.

  • Items to Sale

You do not want to keep all the stuff you are selling in your home. Take it out and put it in the mini storage to keep it out of your way until you are ready for your garage sale. Store everything now that way you can save a lot of items and make a big profit later.

  • Hobby Activities

If you like to do anything outdoors then you know that they can take up a lot of space. Getting a storage unit can solve this problem and keep everything all in one place. Additionally, with everything together it will  be easier to grab and go. You will no longer have to spend hours looking for everything.

  • Dorm Room Stuff

College kids know that living on campus and still at home still get be difficult to handle. You have two of just about everything and no room to put it anywhere. Getting a small storage space can be a life saver in this instance. A small unit can be perfect for this type of supplies. Furthermore, it will keep everything together and easy to access when moving back to school when it starts up.

  • Business Office Supplies

If you have extra office supplies they are doing no good anywhere else. Store them in a small unit and you will be able to access them when you run out of whatever it may be. This will be a great way to keep everything together and easy to find when you need it.

We have a great selection of storage units that will be perfect for what you need. Whether you are using your small unit for one of these categories or several, we have the right size for you. Additionally, we have secure protection for all of you items. Check us out today for more information! We love to give you the extra space you are needing.

Top 6 Self Storage Items and Tips

There are several reasons to use self storage. For example, moving to a new home, frequent traveling, cleaning out business space or going on a long trip are all reasons to use self storage. However, how do you know what to store and what to throw out? Today we will be discussing common things that end up in self storage units. We have come up with a list of the top 6 items that we find in storage units.

Moreover, we want to offer some helpful tips to anyone who is wanting to store with us. Not only are we one of the safest storage units in the area, but we also care a lot about our customers. That is why we are offering this list of tips to you.


Furniture is one of the most common items that people place in self storage. This is for many reasons. For example, many people store furniture while moving or selling property. Also, furniture is stored while trying to get rid of clutter or make more room in their house.


One of the best tips we can give to you regarding furniture is to always placed plastic or wooden pallets on the ground beneath the furniture. This keeps moisture and mold from reaching them. Another thing is to always disassemble large furniture that way it can be packed in a smaller space. We also advised to wrap or cushion anything with a hard surface to prevent scratches and dents. Moreover, in tables or dressers or anything with drawers can be used as boxes. For valuable things that should not be among a lot of pressure these drawers can offer a safe place for them.


Any appliances are stored for several reasons. Well they’re in perfectly good condition it is very common for them to be placed in self storage unit. This can be a great solution if the proper packing practices are used.


Appliances should be washed and cleaned to avoid pest or rust while in storage. The doors on the appliances should be left open slightly to allow an era way to avoid that smells. If hoses are a part of the appliance or water should be drained. This is because moisture can cause several damages to your appliances. In addition, if there are glass parts of your appliances they should be wrapped and covered to avoid breaking.


Electronics are placed in storage units mainly during the moving process. Parting with these valuable electronics is not done often. However, when it is done it should be done properly.


Electronics need to be stored properly to make sure that they are still in good condition later. Our biggest tip for you is to put the electronic in its original box along with any accessories that may come with it. Mixing different electronic pieces can become very stressful and the hassle later on. In addition, wrap these separate pieces individually that way they are kept safe and will not harm other pieces around them.


Another storage items that is commonly stored or DVDs, CDs, video recordings and other types of media. These keepsake items are very important to you that is why we will give you some storage tips to make sure they are safe.


Try placing media in airtight bags or containers. This will keep them from getting moisture damage. Another thing to do is to try and keep them in the cases they were originally bought in.


Also, books or stored in self storage unit. Many students professors sure them during the summer. It is important that these books and a safe that way they can be used again and again.


The best way to pack books is to place them in boxes. We suggest keeping them very organized and labeling the boxes that way they’re easy to find later. You could also get shelves to place your books on even easier. If you choose the show we still suggest covering them with a light material.

Photographs and Magazines

Photographs are filled with memories that you will remember forever. Sometimes your home just cannot hold all the memories. That is why they are also very common in storage units.


We suggest keeping the photographs or magazines in a closed container. This will keep direct light off of them that would cause damage to them. We also advise to put photographs in an acid free container. Moreover, this will restrict light from entering and ruining the photo.


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